“The speed at which they were able to get back to me was outstanding”

Kelly Anderson, Minnesota

“Wonderful company to work with. They truly exemplify everything that the HVAC industry should be!”

Dylan Nelson, Minnesota

“Working with Twisted has been a much appreciated partnership. They were very fast in their response time, and gave us great insight on what needs to be done to ensure proper operation of your rooftop units for years to come. Scott and his team are very professional to work with and we were excited to add Twisted as a valued contractor to our Facilities team.”

Chad Walker, Wisconsin

“We had two 10-ton units go down at our store. Scott got us the best price quickly and was able to get us up and running as soon as the units were built. The Twisted team was a life saver to keep our customers comfortable during our cold Minnesota winters.”

Brian Gaspard, Minnesota

“One of our employees ran into a gas line with our forklift and we had to evacuate the store. Scott answered the call quickly and was able to get us back up and running by the next morning with almost no lost time to our business. His speed and efficiency in dealing with our mistake lead to a remarkable recovery of time in our business, all the while during Covid. Can’t say enough good things about Twisted Mechanical.”

Nikki Heintz, Minnesota

“Twisted Mechanical did such a phenomenal job on our EMS installation that we gave them a shot on some of our service work. They exceeded our expectations drastically and we’ve now made a change portfolio wide to utilize Scott and his team to manage all 260+ RTU’s in our portfolio. Having a trusted mechanical shop like Twisted is going to save us countless hours and dollars to our Repair and Maintenance budgets for years to come. Highly Recommended!!”

John Pierce, Minnesota