One thing’s for sure– everything needs maintenance, eventually. Sometimes people forget about the behind-the-scenes equipment that keeps them warm or cool and they do not call for help until their HVAC unit totally stops working. Others recognize the value of having an ongoing maintenance plan in the budget, in order to have fewer “major issues” down the line. Regular maintenance can save a lot of money over time, and eliminate a lot of headaches, too.

Twisted Mechanical provides valuable ongoing maintenance services to our commercial and industrial clients in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul. Our ongoing maintenance services for optimal performance include a comprehensive visual inspection as well as assessing, adjusting and/or replacing belts, coils, and filters. Expect efficient service and repair work done with quick turnaround times.

You have invested a lot of money into your mechanical systems and you would like to extend the life of equipment while averting potential failures. We maximize efficiency and minimize equipment downtime thanks to our complete equipment maintenance service. Whether it’s locating and identifying potential failure points or looking for opportunities to maximize reliability through incremental upgrades, Twisted Mechanical’s aim is simple: to optimize the performance of system controls and equipment over time.

Call us today to set-up your ongoing maintenance service schedule.