Many older buildings could use an upgrade when it comes to the various systems found inside. For instance, today’s thermostat technology is more efficient than the days of old when some rooms would be too hot while others would be too cold and there was no central way to control everything. Thanks to technology and automation, you can better coordinate the temperature in all the rooms of a building. Twisted Mechanical handles building automation services, helping bring your building into the 21st Century.

With the installation of things like actuators, dampers, and control boards, along with the use of software and a laptop computer, building automation can help make your place more energy-efficient and up to date.

Twisted Mechanical is one of two Carrier i-Vu® licensed companies in the Minneapolis area. Carrier’s i-Vu® building automation and control products help optimize the use of HVAC systems to deliver healthier, safer, more efficient, and more productive indoor environments. Twisted Mechanical can help you design, maintain, operate, and sustain your buildings to help protect what’s most important – the health of those inside.

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